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Kalee Schwarting, MS, LCPC

Therapist & Clinical Supervisor

Kalee is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a background in trauma, grief, and crisis intervention.

In her work with clients, she utilizes client-centered and trauma informed approaches, believing that every individual knows their own situation best and has within them the strength and resources to heal. She incorporates attachment-based, Somatic Experiencing, and Internal Family Systems approaches as well as play therapy interventions for younger clients.

Kalee is experienced in working with diverse populations of all ages including individual adults, couples, adolescents, and children. Her areas of expertise include infertility, neurodivergent individuals, Spanish-speaking clients, ADHD, autism, and a variety of learning disabilities. She can also support families in navigating school accommodations for their children.

Kalee offers telehealth services to better meet the needs of clients in rural areas, with busy schedules, or other barriers to attending in-person therapy.

(208) 806 1831 (call or text)

Joshua Dalmas, MSW, LMSW


Joshua Dalmas is a compassionate therapist specializing in trauma, anxiety, and negative thinking. He is dedicated to offering comprehensive mental health support through a trauma-informed approach, recognizing each individual’s unique experiences. Joshua believes in collaborative therapy, working closely with clients to create personalized treatment plans for healing and growth. Joshua works with diverse populations, such as: adults, couples, adolescents, and families. His expertise spans areas such as high school and college athletes, persons struggling with ADHD, adults needing family systems support, and those facing complex trauma issues.

Joshua specializes in the intersection of mental well-being and athletic performance, supporting athletes in navigating personal and professional complexities. Beyond athletics, he empowers individuals and families to overcome challenges and reach mental health goals using a person-centered and solutions-based approach. Joshua offers both in-person therapy and telehealth services for accessibility and flexibility.

In his free time, Joshua enjoys spending time with his wife and two dogs. Joshua enjoys being in nature, tending his garden and plants, watching movies, and playing video games with friends. He also plays both indoor and outdoor soccer, along with coaching at the competitive high school level. 

(208) 495 4066 (call or text)

Kris McDaniel, MS, LPC


Kris McDaniel is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Her goal is to create a trusting and cooperative therapeutic relationship. There are times in life that we struggle with a myriad of issues which we may need support in navigating. Using mind and body awareness Kris supports her clients in increasing their ability to navigate these struggles, trust their intuition, and live their best lives.

Kris welcomes all diverse and cultural groups of this beautiful world. She practices in her office in Meridian as well as through telehealth. Kris specializes in depression, anxiety, grief, end of life, and couples counseling ages 18 and above.

Kris earned a Master’s degree in Counseling from Northwest Nazarene University. She loves meditating, being in her backyard is her own personal paradise, cheering on her hockey playing teenage sons, watching the Avalanche play and dancing in her kitchen to a good pop beat.

(208) 391 5041 (call or text)

Amelia Messenger-Grapp, MA, LPC


Amelia is a Licensed Professional Counselor who works with trauma, attachment, religious and spiritual transitions, and interpersonal and relational issues. She has experience with adults, teens, and children struggling with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and grief and loss.

Amelia utilizes internal family systems, attachment focused therapy, mindfulness, EMDR, and somatic approaches to promote inner healing and nervous system regulation. Her approach to working with clients is trauma-informed and client-led. She strives to provide a safe place for clients to process the past and find comfort and joy in the present.

Amelia offers telehealth or in-person therapy. In her free time, you can find her walking her dog, working in the garden, or reading a good book.

(208) 398 3567 (call or text)

Cailin Mitchell, MS, LPC


Cailin is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a passion in working with children using play therapy and creative outlets. She also enjoys working with adults and adolescents using an integration of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and a client-centered approach. Cailin seeks to empower clients to develop heightened self-efficacy, while providing an empathic environment offering unwavering support.

Cailin is originally from Denver, Colorado. She earned her Master’s degree from Walden University. She loves reading, drawing and painting, as well as spending time in the mountains. Cailin values self care and working towards her overall wellbeing by pushing herself with physical health through weight lifting and working out.


(208) 391 3576 (call or text)

Aimee Christensen, MA, LPC


Aimee is a psychotherapist, educator, group facilitator, and mentor. She was selected as a fellow for the National Board of Certified Counselors for one year, in which she was extensively trained in many areas pertaining to different minority groups. Aimee has also developed a strong awareness of the needs and development of children and teens through a decade of being a teacher.

Aimee’s approach to counseling focuses on mindfulness, self-compassion, sand tray and internal family systems. Aimee creates a safe therapeutic setting for every client using a variety of therapeutic approaches and collaborating with clients. Through mindfulness and self-compassion, opportunities are created for seeing different outcomes, and dispelling shame which often stops personal growth. Through sand tray, clients are able to identify and express needs which may not have been known, yet. Through internal family systems, clients are able to identify parts of themselves that need attention and healing. She practices in her office in Meridian as well as through telehealth. Aimee specializes in sand tray, play therapy, anxiety and depression, and LGBTQIA issues. Aimee works with all ages, and especially children, teens, and adults.

Aimee earned a master’s degree in Counseling from Northwest Nazarene University. She loves reading and listening to audio books, finding and trying new recipes, white water rafting and visiting hot springs.

(208) 398 0447 (call or text)

Amie Longmire, MS, LPC


Amie Longmire is a psychotherapist, educator, group facilitator, published writer, and Reiki practitioner, practicing in the Treasure Valley. Her background in teaching, art, and working with veterans gives her a creative approach to helping others create space to uncover their authentic selves, discover their strengths, and tell a new story with their lives. She believes when we start telling better stories, we begin living better lives.

Amie’s approach to counseling center’s around self-compassion, mindfulness, attachment, and creative storytelling. She specializes in working with trauma, prolonged stress, attachment/relationship issues, spirituality, anxiety, depression, and how those affect each of us physically.

Amie earned her Master’s degree in Counseling at Northwest Nazarene University and also holds a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Southern California. She is an avid knitter, meditator, yogi, hiker, DIYer, dog walker, and gardener.

(208) 391 2822 (call or text)

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