Pre-Graduate Internship Program

We offer high-quality clinical experiences for pre-graduate degree trainees fulfilling their graduate program internship/practicum requirements in counseling, psychology, and social work.

As a therapist-in-training at Alpine, you will take part in our intensive training program. This is an opportunity for trainees to gain supervised clinical practice, experiential learning, and embodied education. We encourage clinician’s passion for lifelong learning of theory, research, and practice. Trainees are expected to dedicate themselves to a program of didactic and clinical learning, to achieve competence in assessment as well the effective application of integrative psychotherapy.

Our goal is to provide a supportive path towards continued growth within the Alpine community or launching a successful private practice.


-Provide psychotherapy for couples, individuals, and families.
-Keep a caseload of a minimum of 15 clients per week
-Use clinic Electronic Health Record system.
-Comply with legal and ethical standards as wet forth by the State of Idaho.
-Be available for in house trainings.
-Ability to get along with colleagues.
-Commitment to an integrative mental health model and a desire to learn multiple
models of intervention.
-Enthusiasm about continuing education.
-Be willing to participate in community events.

-Flexible schedules.
-Facility uses.
-1 hour of individual supervision weekly.
-Monthly in-house training.
-Monthly group supervision
-Receive the support of dynamic, community-oriented colleagues.

Application Process
The application process includes several steps starting with an email containing your letter of interest and resume followed by 2 interviews and reference check. If you are interested, please feel free to start by emailing your resume and cover letter explaining why you want to participate in our Internship program.


For additional information or questions please feel free to contact:

Daniel Rothman, MA, LCPC

Executive Director

(208) 471 4838 (call or text)